This will aim to be a dark horror themed campaign filled with both player input and strong narrative for the players to interact with, or ignore, as they will. We will be exploring the curse of Count Strahd von Zarovich and the terror that he has wrought upon his nation of Barovia.

Players will start at 2nd level and play through the WOTC created adventure Curse of Strahd. The game will be based in a “generic fantasy horror” setting, and not in any particular world or realm (until we get into Strahd’s lands). This means that what has been happening in the world up to the first session is a blank slate, if your character backstory needs something or someplace to exist it absolutely can. If you need a name for a place/organization you can just make it up or say something like (MAJOR INDUSTRIAL CITY) or (THIS WORLD’S VERSION OF THE HARPERS). That way I know that you grew up near a major industrial city, or that this world now has an organization similar to the harpers and you totally hate them. Feel free to make up whatever, I’m pretty open.

The one part of the lore that I’m pretty committed to are the world’s religions. The pantheon is going to be the Greyhawk pantheon, but I’ve made some personal alterations to the way the faiths look. If your planning on playing a religious character it might make sense to look at the The Gods of Umid page so that you can a feel for the different faiths.

For generating your character you might want to go to the Character Creation page or swing by the House Rules page to get an idea for some of the unique things that will be happening in this game. Our forum discussions will be hosted through Slack (because I’m cheap and not going to upgrade my account):

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Feel free to explore this Wiki and add to it as your see fit, this is as much your campaign as it is mine. Hopefully together we can create a really fun and memorable experience.

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